I’ve shot hundreds of weddings in my 19+ year career as a pro photographer. From the first, free wedding I did on film back in college at UT Austin in the year 2000, to the last large, high-dollar soiree in Dallas, I’ve seen amazing love manifest into an event. All over the world, all kinds of folks, but one thing was consistent; celebrating love. And I loved capturing it all.

But if I’m being honest, I allowed myself to burn out in those years. I needed a break. So when we hit the road full time in June of 2016, that’s exactly what I did. I only took a wedding or two each year. Usually friend or family affairs.

I learned a lot about myself in those years. And I really needed that break to gain a little perspective.

Now, I’m ready. And so is Ellen! We decided to team up again, using our individual gifts, the complimentary wisdom of female/ male sensitivities, and our creative strengths to start something new and exciting… a rebirth of “slaton weddings.”

I am so excited to announce that we are now “the Mountain & the Sea” nomadic wedding photographer couple, specializing in unique, destination and adventure weddings all over this amazing US of A, and the world! We believe in the organic, creative love that spills light out into everything. Whether you are planning to get married at the base of the Tetons in Wyoming, or amidst the ebb and flow of the gulf shore in Florida, or maybe even the red rock dirt of Moab, Utah, we want to be there to capture and share in the beauty and love of your journey.

Stay tuned for a new website, and more info… but we are now taking bookings for 2020 and beyond.

WOO HOO!!! We can’t wait to meet you :)

Andrew & Ellen

(the mountain & the sea)



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